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So hopefully by now you have seen the new exercises that we have uploaded over the weekend…but how can we make this even more interesting for you?

1. Weekly challenge

Select an area that you would like to work on (let’s say posture) find those exercises and do a challenge for yourself and a friend. Or better yet, find several friends and create a team!! The more people involved the better…your prize at the end of your weekly challenge…. maybe a virtual party?

2. Design programs for your skaters

If you are a coach how about using these exercises to design off ice programs for your skaters?

Look up the area that you feel that your skaters need the most attention; posture, arms, flexibility etc. and take the exercises (feel free to adapt them and mix them up – make them your own) and design an off-ice program for your skater. Who knows your skater better than you – our goal is to provide tools for you to be able to do this.

3. Mini virtual off ice competition

No ice, no problem!! Create an off-ice competition for your skaters using studio2ice. Get awards, certificate and make it a really special event.

It just takes a little imagination and thinking out of the box (like we ALL have been doing recently) to give a different spin to studio2ice.

Do you have ideas? Suggestions? What would you like to see?

Please email me at I would love to hear from you….



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