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Paulamentary Philosophy

Hi Everyone,

By now I hope that you have had an opportunity to look through our exercises and choose some that meet your needs……I would love to see this “in action” and welcome your videos of you doing my exercises (please email them to me at

We will be adding more exercises soon so keep checking back. Remember that all of these exercises work for any skater regardless of age and level. We all begin somewhere but we can reach any goal that we set for ourselves. The road is part of the adventure.

With these times when we cannot get on the ice, off ice training is more important than ever . If you have ever worked with me you know my philosophy; 2 hours of off ice for every hour on ice. I learned this time proven philosophy of training from my very respected friends in Europe. Off ice is what can help give you. It's that missing link. Now I realize that is very difficult but the bottom line is very clear; we need to respect our off ice process like we do our on ice process.

Off ice training has as much value as our on ice training. Our off ice process is what will train our muscle memory, and importantly give us the tools to get to know our own creative and athletic process. No two skaters move alike; no two skaters skate alike. My goal is to help you become your very best skating self, as an individual and to give you the tools to help you to stand out.

Please reach out to me with any questions and let me know your progress. Let me know what you would like to see more off; after all, we are all in this together.



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