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Paulamentary #1

Hi everyone and welcome to my very first Paulamentary!!! For those of you that know me, this website and my dream of starting a cataloge of my off ice work has been many years in the making. Thanks to two of my BYA’s (beautiful young assistants) Lisa and Shauna it is now a reality!! How to use this……Everything is categorized by elements. With this I will share with you off ice exercises that I have designed over the years that will work effectively for your skaters. We will be continuing to upload film as we get it. I am so anxious to hear how these exercises will work for you and your skaters. Share film with me, email me , or text me I will be happy to give you any feedback if you would like. This website is kind of like a recipe….it will give you the foundation with which you can build for your skaters. No one knows your skaters like you and I think the there is no one better than you to help get the message across. Our team is looking for new skaters and rinks in which to film!!!!! If you are interested in having us come to your neck of the woods give me a shout to discuss!!  Please keep in touch…..looking forward to seeing you in the studio and on the ice. Xoxoxoxo Paula

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