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#TakeAim - Grand Plié to Strengthen Inner Thigh

It’s all about the inner thigh…….

As you may know this week’s podcast is about using a simple plié exercise to strengthen your skater’s inner thigh.

So often we focus on the very top of the thigh and neglect then inner thigh. Doing this may lead to injury and actually affect skating skills. Believe it or not, a strong inner thigh will help your skater control their use of edges as it will help where the knee ultimately is over their toe (please refer to past podcast for more detailed information).

In this week’s podcast I share a very basic grand plie exercise with you. Disclaimer; if you or your skater experience knee problems refrain from this exercise temporarily.

Watch you skaters hip placement as well. No need to tuck your hips under during a plie; let the spine naturally remain straight. Remember that on the ice the trunk or hips of your skater need to be able to be grounded and used as part of the total torso.

How to use this podcast? Work as a skater or with your skater off the ice using this exercise. When on the ice really begin to focus on your “warm up “ exercises; think about the placement of the knees over the toes, the knee bend and where the control of the thigh begins and ends.

Once you get comfortable with this process you will be able to develop many more exercises for yourself and your skaters; the world will be your oyster!!!

A gentle reminder; remember the hip placement…..



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