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About Us

Artistry in Motion is now offering as the premier video platform for online exercises to enhance your flexibility, coordination, connection to music and overall ability to move from head to toe and from studio to the ice.  

Many of you whom have supported me over the years, know that I had an idea over 25 years ago,  when I created Artistry in Motion to have an organization and resource center for choreography and style in figure skating. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to be a part of countless workshops, both on and off the ice to work with so many talented skaters and coaches in every level and from all over the world, working to make them feel their best and showcase their best on the ice. Artists continue to grow and evolve which is one of the reasons I named the program Artistry in Motion.  We should all continue to grow and continuously build the artist within us.  

Thanks to virtual training, I am excited to introduce This is the next phase of the expansion of Artistry in Motion. Below, is a preview of the three subscription channels that you receive with your yearly subscription.  These channels are- Studio Barre 2 Ice, Studio Center 2 Ice and Classes with Paula. All channels will continue to be updated with new exercises to enhance all that you do on the ice.  


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It is time to Studio 2 the best you on Ice!!!!


Studio 2 Ice Preview 



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